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Oakham School launches new Dance GCSE

21st June 2024

Oakham has launched a new GCSE in Dance starting in September 2024, to broaden further the range of exam courses that the School offers.

The GCSE programme, which is a two-year course starting in Form 4 (Year 10) and progressing to the end of Form 5 (Year 11), follows three strands of learning: performance, choreography and dance appreciation. By studying the course pupils will develop knowledge, understanding and practical experience of the wide range of dance choreographed and performed today. Dance training is not essential but an interest in dance and a willingness to learn to move in different ways, are.

Director of Drama Gilly Norell said: “We are thrilled to introduce Dance as a GCSE subject. Dance is a hugely popular part of our academic curriculum in Years 7–9, as are our weekly dance classes, so we believe that studying Dance at GCSE will allow our students the opportunity to explore movement and performance in a more formal setting.

“Understanding the fundamentals of dance and movement is essential for anyone who wishes to pursue a career in the theatre, and we are fortunate to have a specialist teacher within the Department who can teach these skills.”

The GCSE Dance course will be assessed in three ways: through a solo performance, a duet or trio dance, a solo or group piece of choreography, and a written exam on professional practice. View our GCSE Choices booklet for full course details.

Oakham School’s purpose-built dance studio, The Courtyard, provides a fantastic venue to teach all types of movement and dance styles, including ballet, contemporary, hip hop, jazz and tap.

For more information, contact admissions@oakham.rutland.sch.uk or book a place at Oakham School’s next Open Day on Saturday 12 October to speak to Director of Drama Gilly Norell.

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