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Oakham School Joins The Wellbeing Hub

04th October 2022

As wellbeing continues to be a high priority, Oakham School has teamed up with mental health and wellbeing experts Teen Tips to deliver The Wellbeing Hub to staff, parents and pupils.

The initiative acts as a trusted source of support and is designed by specialists to meet the social, emotional, and educational needs of young people.

The Wellbeing Hub is an interactive online portal, designed to help people understand and meet their child’s social and emotional needs.

Parents and staff benefit from free access to a range of new weekly resources and training courses to help them support children at the School, as well as specialist support, top tips and an extensive Q&A library. Staff and parents also get access to monthly live Q&As and webinars from in-house and guest, expert-level speakers on a range of topics.

Pupils are being given access to The Wellbeing Hub via two different platforms, one for those aged 10-13 and one for those aged 13+, with resources tailored specifically to support them with their mental health and wellbeing.

The Wellbeing Hub for pupils includes:

  • Answers – a huge bank of Q&As on a wide range of topics
  • Top Tips – short films, blogs, and tip sheets on all manner of themes
  • Futures – careers advice and the Inspiring Futures podcast series
  • Help Zone – with links to specialist organisations if they need extra support or advice

Teen Tip is run by Alicia Drummond, a BACP accredited therapist, parenting expert and author who recently visited the School to deliver parent and staff talks.

Other parent talks coming up later in the year at Oakham School include:

Saturday 5 November

  • Form 3 Parent Curriculum Discussion: ‘The Connected Curriculum – Evolution of the Middle School Learning Experience’
  • Form 3 Parent RSE Discussion: ‘Supporting Your Child Through Adolescence; Phones, Sleep, and Friendship Issues’

Saturday 12 November

  • Form 2 Parent RSE Discussion: ‘Heading into the Teenage Years’

Saturday 26 November

  • Form 6 Parent RSE Discussion: ‘Moving from Adolescent to Young Adult’

Saturday 3 December

  • Form 5 Parent Curriculum Discussion: ‘The Connected Curriculum – Evolution of the Upper School Learning Experience’
  • Form 4 Parent RSE Discussion: ‘Supporting Your Child Through Adolescence; Parties, Alcohol and Drugs’
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