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18th November 2021

Oakham School Exhibits at The Independent Schools Show

Oakham School was honoured to have exhibited at The Independent Schools Show last weekend (13 and 14 November), to showcase its fantastic offering to thousands of local, national, and international families.

Loading up an Oakham School branded car with prospectuses and information about the School, the team took a number of exciting items down to Evolution London in Battersea Park to engage with prospective parents and pupils looking to find their perfect school.

Many visitors were impressed by the rural location of Oakham and its close proximity to Rutland Water, with the greenery and open space being very attractive to families in London.

As the School is currently celebrating 50 years of co-education, especially designed branded biscuits were a firm favourite in the goody bags handed out to guests. The School’s classic wooden yoyos also went down a storm, with children across the exhibition centre playing with these and trying to learn the techniques of keeping the yoyo moving.

Headmaster Henry Price was also asked to be part of a panel at the Scholato Theatre during the exhibition, where he and three other Headmasters and Headmistresses discussed the benefits of boarding.

During his talk, Henry said: “Boarding creates an environment in which pupils can grow their education in the fullest sense.”

When questioned by the audience about the School’s policy on access to digital devices within a boarding setting, he added: “The busyness of a boarding school is often the antidote to less screen time. As more activities are available to our pupils during evenings and weekends, they are able to spend much more time with their friends than they would if they were at home.”

The talk also explored how friendships are often made for life in the boarding environment, and as teenagers get older, they come to rely on their peers sometimes even more so than their parents.

The Oakham School team were also able to attend some other fascinating talks from the Independent Schools Council and The Good Schools Guide, as well as the ones hosted by The Independent Schools Show.

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