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12th March 2021

Oakham School celebrates World Book Day 2021

In recognition of World Book Day on 4 March, Lower School pupils were asked to ‘Nail a Novel’ whilst at home last week. 

Head of Lower School, Mr Adrian Morris said, “Whether you revel in being gripped by the twist and turns of a thriller, being immersed in a classic or a biography, there are many reasons why reading is of benefit. These range from having a greater vocabulary, being more thoughtful towards others or broadening your outlook on life. Novels can allow you to visualise and imagine scenarios you might find yourself in so that you rehearse how you might react to those situations in real life. Sometimes reading is just escapism or it can allow you to better understand the world around you. Maybe, like me, you might have two books on the go at once…one which is a page-turner of excitement you read in bed while the other is more intellectually stimulating downstairs in a living room away from a screen. Whatever you read enjoy the opportunity just to be on your own and escape the busyness of life.” 

Below are a number of photographs submitted from children reading in some interesting places.

The Oakham English teachers have also been snapping their beloved bookshelves for the ‘World Book Day Shelfie competition’. Can you connect the Shelfie with the teacher?! 


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