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26th January 2022

Oakham pupils celebrating in style

Pupils in Oakham’s Lower School and Middle School Houses have been enjoying a variety of social events to celebrate the start of the new term.

After their Christmas socials were postponed due to Coronavirus, pupils in Hambleton and Barrow and Gunthorpe and Clipsham Houses enjoyed mixed New Year’s Dinners, giving them the chance to dress up and enjoy a specially prepared meal in the Barraclough Dining Hall.

Form 6 Hambleton pupil, Rosie, tells us more:

“The New Year’s Dinners were the social highlights of many students so far this half-term. The Hambleton and Barrow dinner began with a fun little game where we guessed whether facts about teachers, and a few students, were true or false. To play the game we each donated £2.00 to the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity and the joint winners gained a £10 voucher to Otters Smokehouse and Deli. Overall the dinners were greatly enjoyed by teachers and students alike, with delicious food prepared by the Barraclough staff and interesting conversation with our peers.”

Lower down the School, pupils in Lower 1 and Form 1 enjoyed a mixed social on the Jerwoods Lower School campus, involving pizza and a range of entertainment. Each of the four Lower School Houses offered different attractions, including disco dancing, night football, pool and other indoor games, and pupils had free rein to visit each of the four Houses, moving from one activity to the next.

Head of Lower School, Adrian Morris, said: “These mixed events are a great way for our pupils in the boys’ and girls’ Houses to socialise together in an informal way. We are already looking forward to the next social event.”

The 2021–22 academic year sees us celebrate 50 years of co-education at Oakham School. Read more about the story of co-education at Oakham School and see photos and memories of former pupils on our website.

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