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18th May 2022

Oakham Middle School actors take Romeo and Juliet to another level

Pupils captivated audiences at the School’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre with their rendition of the most tragic love story ever told.

A tale of power, rivalry and forbidden love was exceptionally re-told with Shakespearean monologues and dialogues performed by a passionate, energetic young cast as they appropriately tell a story of teen struggles. 

The set design was as impressive as the performance. Scaffolding commandeered the stage, challenging the cast to play on different levels which in turn added an extra dimension to the audience experience. To have your attention drawn from left to right and top to bottom as the drama unfolded was entrancing.

Fluorescent tube lighting lit up the stage and not only enhanced the dramatic scenes but added a delicate ambience to the more affectionate moments between the two star-crossed lovers. The masked ball scene was particularly powerful as the whole cast danced around but a spotlight shone only on the lovers, making it feel as if they were the only two people in the room.

Monochrome yet edgy costumes made it easy for the audience to quickly identify House Capulet from House Montague and you got a real sense of the characters’ personality coming through.

Alas, as an audience, we all knew there was no happy ending in store for the young couple, but for a moment this new take on an old classic had you hoping this pair would prevail.

Albeit a sad ending, the real end to the show was the enthusiastic and joyous eruption from the audience as their cheering said it all.

A fantastic Middle School performance!

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