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30th April 2021

New educational display in Design and Technology Department

Oakham School is delighted with the new display in the Design and Technology Department, which focuses on how the subject influences the lives we live today, including building infrastructure, transferring data and playing sport.

The presentation inspires pupils to look openly at the world around them and contains a large array of media, including physical products, design concepts and augmented footage from space! There are also QR codes, which help pupils to engage interactively by watching videos, having access to additional information and fun quizzes.

Design Fellow Maeve Callaghan said, “It is great to see students interact with the new design display cases giving them a wider understanding of how Design and Technology plays a role in every aspect of our lives, inspiring and fulfilling their curiosity of how their world works around them.”

Design and Technology pupils have also been impressed with the display and below are a few of their comments about it:

“It’s a unique insight into the history of products that we take for granted. You don’t realise how long it has taken us to get to where we are. How it has taken decades to develop a CD and now terabytes of storage is available commercially.” (Leo)

“It’s inspirational and motivational. Shows you different designs in many products and all the possibilities of technology and how designs have improved.” (Ollie)

“It’s cool to see how designs have developed and how everything we see and everyday objects affect design.” (Monica)

Oakham’s Design and Technology Department is one of the most highly respected in the UK, thanks to its outstanding facilities, staff and, of course, the remarkable work that the pupils create. The Department is located within the Jerwood School of Design, a purpose-built facility that contains cutting edge equipment.

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