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4th October 2021

MYP Community Day Form 2

During Form 2 MYP Community Day, Oakham pupils looked at migration and refugees. They thought about reasons why people leave their homes, travel to other countries and the support they might need once they arrive to become part of new communities. The day was a continuation of their MYP Community Days last year when they looked at ways in which they could improve lives in their own communities after the pandemic.

Dmitriy Ashton, the IB MYP Coordinator observes: “As IB learners, our aim is to be caring members of our communities who act to make a positive difference to the lives of others.  Learning more about those around us and developing our inter-cultural understanding will allow us to make that positive difference.”

Lucy Breag, the Head of Smallbone Library and the MYP Community project Coordinator remarked: “Throughout the day, Form 2 pupils showed a keen interest in the topic of migration, making connections between their knowledge from studying The Other Side of Truth in English, their summer reading, and discussions we had around reasons why people leave their homes.  The artwork they produced showed a great deal of consideration of the journeys refugees endure once they have made the difficult decision to leave their homes behind in search of safety”.

The artwork from the day is now proudly displayed in the Smallbone Library.

Oakham’s pupils will now be given regular opportunities to take direct action as they did within their local communities last year. The focus will be on developing the courage to make positive contributions that promote care and connection within their local and wider communities.

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