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7th June 2024

Music at Lunchtime: Vivid Violin Recital

This week’s Music at Lunchtime recital was given by music scholar Maya in Form 6 with an impressive performance on the violin, accompanied by Head of Piano, Anne Bolt.

The recital commenced with the enchanting Allegro from Beethoven’s Sonata in F major, op. 24, known affectionately as the ‘Spring’ Sonata. Maya brought to life Beethoven’s evocative melodies with finesse and precision. The bright and cheerful themes of the Spring Sonata echoed through the church, painting a vivid picture of the vitality and freshness of the season. Rapid scale patterns danced between the violin and piano, conveying the excitement and energy associated with the onset of spring.

Following the spirited rendition of Beethoven’s Spring Sonata, the audience was treated to the vibrant Allegro non troppo from Elgar’s Sonata in E minor, op. 82. Elgar’s introspective and contemplative mood was juxtaposed with moments of energy and optimism, as the assertive rhythmic themes danced with folk-inspired melodies. Maya’s interpretation of Elgar’s Sonata showcased her technical skill and emotional depth, captivating the audience with its rich tapestry of musical expression.

Congratulations to Maya, who performed her programme with great musicality.

The recording from this week’s concert is available online here.

Next week’s Music at Lunchtime concert will be given by Will who will be performing music by Mendelssohn & Vaughan Williams and musical theatre songs from Les Misérables & The Last Five Years.

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