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18th April 2024

Music at Lunchtime: Eclectic Harmonies

This week’s Music at Lunchtime recital was given by Lower 1 pupil, Emma and Form 4 pupil Jason, who performed music for ‘cello and alto saxophone, accompanied by Anne Bolt.


Emma opened the recital with the well-known Prelude from J.S Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 in G major. With nimble fingerwork and steady articulation, Emma made easy work of this movement’s technical demands, capturing the elegance and depth of the prelude beautifully. She played with incredible control and tone, producing a beautiful sound.

Emma chose the middle movement, Allegretto quasi Menuetto from Brahms’ Cello Sonata No. 1 in E minor as her next piece. Her performance was delightful, capturing the playful and dance-like character of the piece beautifully, with her expression and dynamics adding depth to the music. With such incredible movement during the central section with the piano, Emma captured the essence of Brahms so well.


In contrast, Jason’s repertoire provided him with a more modern platform. The first, Gabriel Grovlez’s Sarabande et Allegro seemed a challenging piece for any saxophonist, having to control slow and flowing with the intricate runs involved in the faster sections. Nevertheless, Jason controlled these very well, allowing him to move with agility and flair.

His second piece, Allegro vivace (Sonata for alto saxophone), was a lively, witty number, where Jason’s precision and energy brought out the lively and spirited nature of the piece, making it a joy to listen to.


Emma and Jason’s recital was a fantastic showcase of the variety of music available to our pupils, which they both performed with incredible musical style and command of their instrument – congratulations!


Next week’s Music at Lunchtime concert will be given by the winners of our recent Singing Competition and Piano Duet Festival.


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