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A group of students play in a classical guitar group

Music at Lunchtime: A Double Bill for Guitars and Voice

16th March 2023

The audience in All Saints’ Church were treated to a double bill with this week’s Music at Lunchtime concert. The first half featured the Guitar Ensemble, made up of students Edward, Jack, William and Francesca, directed by Mrs Ioana Ford, who played a selection of classical guitar repertoire. Form 7 student Henrietta completed the concert with a series of musical theatre songs by 20th-century composer Kurt Weill.

The Guitar Ensemble performed three traditional Spanish pieces, Malagueña, Spanish Romance and Morenita. Their performances were wonderfully energetic, capturing the dance influence of classical guitar music. The performers showed confident ensemble skills in layering complex textures and capturing tempo and mood changes admirably as a whole group.

Henrietta, accompanied by Peter Davis on piano, gave a rendition of three musical theatre songs from Lady in the Dark and Love Life by Weill. ‘My ship’ and ‘Here I’ll stay’ were both emotive ballads, full of warmth and expression. However, it was the central song, ‘The saga of Jenny’ which was a particular audience highlight with its carefully crafted lyrics and entertaining narrative!

Congratulations to all our performers in today’s recital! Next week’s lunchtime concert is given by Form 5 Music Scholar, Maya, who will be performing music for violin.

Student sings in a church in concert

A group of students play in a classical guitar group

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