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1st June 2022

Middle and Upper School Sports Day 2022

A busy last week of term saw Middle and Upper School pupils compete and represent their house teams during Oakham’s annual Sports Day, a highlight of the School year. The weather was glorious, and events included 100m sprints, 1500m races as well as relays, javelin, hurdles long jump, high jump and more. 

Director of Athletics, Mr Trefon Vandoros, tells us more:-  

“What a day! It was perfect. I have not seen such a committed bunch of athletes, novice to elite, give their all in their own way.  What I loved most was the support of each other, and how those who finished early stayed to cheer on their team. All athletes of all abilities, mixed, giving their all! I truly am proud to be at Oakham.  

Understandably, not everyone wins, and not every House either. The desire to do well, and the ability to overcome anxiety and fear, both trump winning for sure! So, to the athlete that finished last… you have my admiration, because you did just that… finished. There may have been a tear, or a challenge to take a breath to do so, but wow, you crossed that line.    

To the girls and boys who ran in the inaugural mixed relays, a fitting addition to sports day in Oakham’s 50th year of coeducation, you have planted a seed. Now to grow some trees!  

Lastly to the winners! You have won, and we praise you for the effort in training and in performing. It was a great day, and your excellence was well noticed. In fact, it was truly impressive. In the words of Alex Dombrandt (Harlequins 8), ‘Keep it Humble’.   

Thank you to all those in each house who helped too, for your help makes every day ‘perfect’.   


New House Records 

Inter Boys 

Harry D 800m 4min 39 (E Rodell 4min 45s) 

Inter Girls 

Sofia B100m 12.3s (E. Bell 12.7 & Sammy K 12.5s) also broke the record of E Matthew-Shaw 12.71s) 

Sofia B 200m 25.9s (E Matthew-Shaw 26.7s) 

Izz J Javelin 27.27m (F England 25.92m) 

Senior Girls 

Evie S 200m 27.4s equals E Matthew-Shaw 

 The old & the new record holders cheering each other on! Harry D (R) the new Inters 1500m Record holder. 

All 3 girls broke the Inter Girls 100m record. E Bell (C) held the record for 70 seconds before both Sofia (R) and Sammy (L) beat it in the following heat.  


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