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17th August 2020

Message from the Headmaster

Today has seen significant announcements from both Ofqual and the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organisation) with very positive outcomes for Oakhamians and pupils across the country. Although many pupils initially received good grades and university outcomes, there were a number of individual cases, which did not reflect a fair result, or were simply inexplicable and unjust. I am very pleased for both Oakhamians and countless other pupils in schools of every type across the country that this has now largely been rectified.

Like all schools, we were affected by the inconsistent effect of the Ofqual algorithm and the downgrading of numerous Centre Assessment Grades. Once the latest A-Level adjustments have been factored in, Oakham will see a tangible uplift in overall grades, and we hope that this will translate into fresh opportunities for university applications. This has not been an easy time for pupils, but I am also conscious of the great challenge facing universities as they adjust to this shifting landscape and we will continue to work with them, and our pupils in the days ahead.

This morning, we also heard from the IBO about an important revision in the grading process. This has resulted in 29 out of 44 pupils increasing by at least one grade and 3 pupils going up by 4 grades. 27% of pupils have now gained 40 or more points and 50% have gained 38 or more points with an overall mean score of 36.7.

It has been a roller-coaster ride for all involved in education in the last few months, weeks and days; for examination boards, universities and schools, but above all for pupils and their parents. I hope those pupils who were disappointed will be feeling a far greater sense of optimism and affirmation.

Although it undeniably feels different this year, there is a great deal to celebrate in this unique set of results and I extend my warmest congratulations to all Oakhamians.

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