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Lower School Sports Day 2022

29th June 2022

Lower School pupils and parents came together last Saturday afternoon for Sports Day, which took place in beautiful weather.

Director of Athletics Mr Trefan Vandaros tells us more:-

“It was a beautiful day. There was a full set of track and field events, all of which proved to be competitive and thrilling. The mixed 4x 200m & 300m events were exciting and a good introduction to the Houses working together, showing coeducational characteristics. It was an excellent opportunity to show off the true nature of the Lower School.

On the track, in the hurdles and the sprints, there were athletes fighting hard for the finish with milliseconds separating some of the races. Fortunately, we had a great squad of Timers under the watchful eye of Mr Andy Ross. The middle-distance races did not disappoint either. It was great to see twelve competitors at a minimum lining up for each of the long distance events, but also to see the immense support of their teammates cheering them around the gruelling track every step of the way.

In the field, it was equally impressive, especially knowing many athletes had not had too much experience. Regardless, the distances jumped and thrown were notable.

The 4 x 100m relays were also extra special. With every available lane filled with every possible runner, they ran their hearts out with their parents watching. The results speak for themselves and are a combined effort of each athlete, not just the best. The teams pulled together, earning points for their House, but little did the athletes know that the last race had the chance to change it all. The final boys’ scores were separated by two points. The girls, not much more. Fighting to the finish, putting fear aside and facing their challenges together. To me, that’s Sports Day!”

Records Broken: Z Stafford L1 Boys 800m 2.48s, H Botham L1 Boys Shot 9m, H Latham L1 Boys Javelin 22.50m

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