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24th January 2020

Lower School Houses Sing Songs By ‘The Beatles’

The second annual Lower School Interhouse Singing Competition took place on the afternoon of Friday 24 January in the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. All four houses gathered together (along with their staff) to sing their own choice of song by The Beatles, whilst competing for the various competition trophies: Best Boys’ House, Best Girls’ House and Overall Winner.

The four selected songs presented a range of musical styles from The Beatles’ output, opening with Sargants singing Ticket to Ride with great corporate spirit and core sound, setting a very high standard for the competition. Peterborough House showed great creativity in their rendition of Let it be, contrasting great solo and trio sections with uplifting whole house singing. Ancaster then took to the stage to give a polished performance of Yesterday, notable for its positive smiles, posture and bows. The event ended with Lincoln House creating a massive horseshoe of singers on the stage, before giving every year group a chance to perform separately before coming together holding hands for the finale.

Director of Music, Mr Davis, commended all the houses for their terrific commitment to the event, with every pupil taking part singing from memory. He challenged them all to keep working on their smiles whilst on stage, as well as giving feedback to every house. Mr Morris presented the trophies to conclude the event, with Ancaster winning Best Girls’ House, and Peterborough House winning Best Boys’ House. The overall winners were Peterborough House.

Congratulations to all the pupils in the Lower School.

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