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29th June 2022

Lower School Fun and Fundraising Day

To mark the end of the Lower School pupils’ Service and Action programme this year, Form 2 pupils were involved in a day of fun & fundraising in aid of the Leicester City of Sanctuary.

Form 2 pupil Emma explained, “We chose to raise money to support Leicester City of Sanctuary, an organisation that provides a place of safety for people to receive aid or for people to meet and discuss their past and future. Leicester City of Sanctuary points people in the right direction to receiving legal assistance to apply for asylum in the UK.  They host activities for adults and children including organising trips out to help them settle into their local community”.

Throughout the year Lower School pupils have been exploring the topic of migration and the reasons why people leave their homes to seek safety elsewhere. They have also been learning about the work of organisations in the UK that help support asylum seekers and refugees when they arrive here.

The ‘fun and fundraising day’ saw the whole of Lower School come to school in non-uniform in exchange for a donation to the charity. At break the pupils’ homemade cakes ‘flew off the stall’ raising almost £200 in 20 minutes.

During games in the afternoon, there were a series of sponsored challenges.

In tennis, pupils were tasked with trying to complete a total of 5000 rally shots plus 10000 ball-on-racket bounces plus 1000 around-the-world runs.

In cricket there was a combination of range hitting, rebound catches, ball pick-ups and throws, the targets for all of which were easily surpassed.

In athletics there was also long-jumping, javelin and shot and running as a relay, a total distance of 10km.

Mrs Breag, Head Librarian and one of the organisers of the event said,  “Every pupil’s contribution added up and made the afternoon a great success. Once the sponsorship money has been collected, we are confident that the day will have raised a significant amount for Leicester City of Sanctuary for which pupils can be very proud.  We look forward to making our donation very soon.  The only shame is that the wet sponge throwing event, which so many were looking forward to was, ironically, rained off!  Maybe another day?”

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