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2nd March 2020

Lower School Boarders enjoy a magical ‘Hodgewarts’ weekend

Oakham School’s youngest boarders enjoyed an action-packed weekend of Harry Potter-themed activities, as their boarding home, Hodges, was transformed into ‘Hodgewarts’ in tribute to JK Rowling’s famous school. Children wanting to try out boarding joined in with the fun as part of a very special Boarding Taster Weekend.

Head of Lower School, Adrian Morris, tells us more:-

“From Saturday lunchtime to Sunday teatime, all the activities and events centred on a Harry Potter theme. These included a sorting hat that placed the children into Houses ‘Johnson’, ‘Little’ or ‘Spence’; art, design and technology and cooking activities making shields, mugs and cakes associated with the wizardry; an amazing visit to Kavanagh’s café which has a cellar dedicated to Harry Potter, where we had special cakes, sandwiches and scones and a Harry Potter film night. Sunday morning activities included a brilliant set of spells in the Chemistry labs followed by a themed scavenger hunt in the Library. There was also a treasure hunt around Oakham before a tea with parents. A tremendous weekend of magic, colour and dressing up for the pupils and adults alike!”

Lower School Boarders and prospective pupils thoroughly enjoyed their weekend and below are some of the positive comments we have received from them.

Amelia: “I enjoyed the sleep in the dorms and meeting other people.”

Ife: “I enjoyed the cookery and visiting places and meeting new people. I also enjoyed the sleep.”

Daisy: “I enjoyed the art and doing the treasure hunt in Oakham. Meeting new people and going to the Harry Potter café.”

Polly: “I enjoyed meeting new people and going to the Harry Potter café.”

Eva: “I enjoyed all of it and the Harry Potter theme.”

Eloise: “My favourite activity was science and making potions, the decoration was amazing. The potions were really fun and exciting.”


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