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13th October 2021

Lower 1 visited by the Vikings, Clan Wulfhar

Lower 1 were visited by Clan Wulfhar, a Viking reenactment group who shared their knowledge of Viking weaponry, daily life in a Viking household and Viking medicine. 

Clan Wulfhar also invited the Lower 1 pupils to a Viking banquet, where they tasted traditional Viking foods and drink. At the end of the day the visiting Vikings entertained them with a Viking battle skills demonstration. 

Teacher Lower 1 Mrs Alison Petit said, “Not only did Lower 1 have a fun day, they also learnt much to add to their current study of Viking life and the impact the Vikings had and continue to have on their lives today.”

Lower School pupils follow the IB MYP curriculum and enjoy exciting lessons, which are supplemented by school trips, workshops and cross curricular activities. 

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