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16th October 2020

Lower 1 pupils practise their orienteering skills at Wakerley Woods

This term Lower 1 pupils have been developing their map reading skills, not only in class but also out in the local environment. 

Teacher of Lower 1, Mr Matthew Sutterby, tells us more:- 

“Basic orienteering skills were learnt in the comfort of the Jerwoods site. They quickly progressed to read a less detailed map of the School campus. Navigating around Main School also helped them to be more confident and to find their way to specialist lessons.

Recently, during Service Weekend, they successfully navigated their way around Wakerley Woods in small groups (with an adult), applying all of what they had learnt to new surroundings. Whilst it was challenging at times to interpret the map, that sometimes did not match the changing scenery, the inclement weather held out and a lot of fun and learning was had by everyone.”

Later in the year, the pupils will be developing their knowledge and understanding of physical geography and extreme natural weathers.

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