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25th November 2021

London Artist Fiona Grady gives virtual talk to Form 6 art pupils

Form 6 Art pupils enjoyed an insightful talk by artist Fiona Grady from her studio in London about her career and artistic practice.

Fiona creates site-responsive drawings on walls, windows and floors using sequences of dispersing geometric shapes. Her practice recognizes the relationship between architecture, installation art and decoration, often using traditional mediums in a modern context.

Director of Art, Elinor Brass, said, “It was valuable for the students to see how Fiona develops commissioned work from the concept to completion and to understand how she selects her materials and colours, as well as the practicalities of working in unusual settings.  Fiona talked about how to promote herself as an artist and how her projects can come about.”

Pupils asked Fiona some interesting questions and then had the chance to develop some experiments using the translucent vinyl that Fiona uses to create her work. 

Elinor said, “The pupils made some lovely pieces that can now be developed through the A-level course.”

Art at Oakham offers a rich and varied programme of visiting artists, curators’ talks, artists’ workshops and frequent visits to museums and galleries.

Example of Oakham’s pupil’s work below.

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