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8th February 2022

Lights, Camera, Showcase!

Lower School pupils put on a show, as they dance and act to a range of films and musicals, and take their audience on a trip around the world.

Form 1 thoroughly enjoyed entertaining its audience with a collection of dances and short drama scenes. Scenes were different stories from the collection of Safari Tales by Mwenye Hadithi and Adrienne Kennaway, and scenes such as ‘Cross Crocodile’, ‘Awkward Aardvark’, and ‘Greedy Zebra’ were a great hit with much laughter from the audience of fellow pupils and staff. The dances were inspired by different cultures from across the globe, with Spanish, African and Hip-Hop dances filling the stage with vibrancy and energy. Form 1’s hard work and commitment to the showcase certainly paid off as they put on quite the show.

Form 2 also hosted a showcase filled with dances and short scenes, which again entertained the audience of fellow pupils and staff. With dances from Trollz, The Greatest Showman and The Wiz and short scenes from Toy Story, Aladdin and Little Red Riding Hood, Form 2 enjoyed immersing themselves in these famous films and musicals. However, the show’s highlight came from the dance and short scene from Shrek, which proved to be a Form 2 favourite.

Following the performances, Director of Drama Gilly Norell said, “The pupils have put so much work and effort into their performances, and you can see that on stage.”

To find out more about Drama and Theatre at Oakham School, follow the link here.

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