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28th September 2021

Launching the IBMYP

Form 1 pupils were recently introduced to the IB Middle Years Programme (IB MYP) with a visit to the National Space Centre in Leicester and the launch of their IB MYP Community Project. 

At the National Space Centre the pupils marvelled at a live show entitled “it IS rocket science”, enjoyed a presenter-led “journey through the solar system” in the Planetarium and visited many different galleries and exhibitions. 

Oakham’s IB MYP Coordinator Dmitriy Ashton said, “The visit set the pupils’ minds whirring with questions about the universe, our place within it and travel around it – all the while considering the many exhibits that demonstrate the examples of the IB Learner Profile attributes in action!” 

The following day saw the launch of their IB MYP Community Project during which the pupils considered their joint experiences from the trip to the Space Centre. Sir Ken Robinson, an author and educator, has infamously remarked that “we only have one planet. We have nowhere else to go. If we use our creative powers properly we don’t need anywhere else. If we take care of it, and each other, everything we need is right here”. And so during the day, the pupils were introduced to the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development as part of the World’s Largest Lesson initiative. The pupils explored a range of global issues faced by many communities around the world and considered how some of those issues may also apply to their local communities. The day set a solid platform for the pupils to be inspired and learn how to make things happen. They thought about how action or service can arise from what they learn, and how individually and together they can make a difference during the subsequent MYP Community Days that will take place throughout the academic year. 

Oakham School is proud to offer the IB Middle Years Programme to our Lower School pupils as part of our provision to equip them with the knowledge, aptitude and skills to thrive in the world of 2030 and beyond. The IB MYP is a framework of teaching and learning that encourages pupils to become creative, critical and reflective thinkers. It also gives them the opportunities to develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills they need to manage complexity and take responsible action for the future. 

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