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26th May 2022

“I’ve developed so many new skills through the Sports Science BTEC”

As Form 7 pupil Alex prepares for life beyond Oakham and his next steps at university, he reflects on why choosing the Sports Science BTEC has helped him develop.

1.    Why did you choose to do a BTEC?

I chose to study the BTEC due to the vast amount of content it covers, along with the combination of examination and coursework-based modules. I have always enjoyed coursework, so it was an easy choice for me.  

2.    What other subjects are you studying?

I also study A-Level Business. The combination of both the Sports Science BTEC and A-Level Business fuses my two main interests of sports science and the business world. Focussing on these interests has helped me gain an offer of a place at my first choice of University, Loughborough, to study Sport Management, a course which I believe suits me perfectly.  

3.    How do you think your BTEC supports your learning?

I believe that studying a BTEC is a great option for anyone as it teaches you more skills that just remembering content. Over the past 2 years I have developed my writing, researching, analysis and presentation skills across a range of topics. These skills, I believe, have prepared me well for university life.  

4.    What are your favourite things about the Sports Science BTEC?

I have relished the opportunity to express myself and my own individual writing style through my coursework. I take immense pride in all the work I do which has helped me to achieve high grades.

I have also really enjoyed the opportunity to perform presentations on several different topics. I am always looking to improve my public speaking skills as this could be a great asset to me in the future.  

5.    What have you learnt so far in your BTEC?

Before deciding to study the BTEC, I already had a growing passion for Sports Science, particularly the physiology and psychology aspects of this subject. Studying the BTEC has provided me with a wide range of additional knowledge which I have used to enhance my own performance and fitness, whether that be training methods or my understanding of my own mind.

6.    What are your future career goals?

I am a fitness enthusiast and aspiring writer. I intend on exploring the fitness-industry and my own fitness, challenging what I think my body is truly capable of.

I recently launched a new blog where I can share my thoughts to like-minded people and practise my writing skills to ultimately try and achieve one of my biggest life goals: to write a best-selling book.

My dream is to graduate with a 1st Class Honours Degree and go on to have a business career in a sport related industry.  

7.    How do you think the BTEC will help you achieve your future career goals?

The skills the BTEC has given me are ones which I believe I can apply directly into achieving my aforementioned goals.

I am incredibly pleased that I chose to study this course as it has, I feel, laid the necessary academic foundations for me to go into university, feeling prepared and ready to tackle whatever it throws at me.

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