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9th March 2021

Interview with Politics student Wilby

When did you join Oakham? Are you a Day, Flexi- Boarder or full boarder? IB or A-level?

I joined Oakham in Lower One, and am a day students in Form 6, Clipsham House, studying Politics at A-level.

Why did you choose to study Politics?

I hold an interest in current affairs, especially the Politics and decisions we’ve seen in the Covid-19 pandemic. It is also complemented by other subjects (see more below).

What do you enjoy about the course?

I enjoy the mix of political ideas and looking at key figures, and contemporary aspects of how the world is run; a refreshing and enjoyable mix. The scope and overlap of modern topics on the global side draws interesting comparisons and allows for engaging discussion.

What advice would you give future students thinking about studying Politics?

If you have views on particular world issues, if you hold an interest in the news and current affairs, either politically or economically, if you like discussion and debate, or if you think a career in Politics in the future might suit you, then go for it! My advice to those taking politics would be to make sure you’re organised and proactive, as much of the work is open-ended and dependent on how much you engage with it.

Do the lessons give you an opportunity to think about your own views and the wider world?

Yes. Exam questions allow for scope for an opinion on issues covered. (I would like to see more debate about current political issues and affairs, but there is a lot of content to cover and I guess this is what activities such as MUN are for?).

Some say that studying a new subject is not needed – What do you think?

This is rubbish! Choices should be based on interest in the content of the subjects, whether new or continued. I took 3 new subjects as I really liked the look of the courses and had particular interests in topics, and do not regret any of my choices. You should make choices on a subject specific basis. If you like the look of the Politics course, have a go!

What other courses are you studying alongside Politics? Do you see crossovers topics with these subjects and Politics?

I’m studying Economics, Philosophy and Maths, and Economics and Philosophy massively crossover with Politics (especially on the UK side). We look at similar thinkers in all 3, and some topics and ideas span over all the social sciences, for example in political ideas we look at conservative and socialist views on the economy, including those of key Philosophers such as Robert Nozick.

Do you think studying Politics will help shape or impact on your future University/Career ideas? 

Yes. I’m looking into doing PPE at university, and Politics is a component in that. My current studies in the subject and further reading are aiding my future prospects. Overall, I am enjoying studying Politics and looking forward to the next part of the course.                                                                                                                                          

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