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9th March 2021

Interview with Politics student Roberto

When did you join Oakham? Are you a Day, Flexi- Boarder or full boarder? IB or A-level?

I joined Oakham in September 2020 as a full boarder and I do the IB. 

Why did you choose to study Politics?

 I chose it because I am interested in politics. Furthermore, it is a good opportunity to get more knowledge, especially about global politics. 

What do you enjoy about the course?

I enjoy discussing things in class as well as learning about new terms related to politics. 

What advice would you give future students thinking about studying Politics?

There isn’t something specific, simply being informed about what is happening in the world.

Do the lessons give you an opportunity to think about your own views and the wider world?

They do when it comes to sharing ideas and opinions.

Some say that studying a new subject is not needed – What do you think?

As long as something new can be learned it is always useful.

What other courses are you studying alongside Politics? Do you see crossovers topics with these subjects and Politics?

German, Politics, Biology (HL) English, Maths, Music (SL). There are many crossovers with TOK. 

Do you think studying Politics will help shape or impact your future University / Career ideas?

I thought of maybe studying law or starting a career in diplomacy, so I think the course can help indeed to prepare for that. 

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