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9th March 2021

Interview with Politics student Lily

When did you join Oakham? Are you a Day, Flexi- Boarder or full boarder? IB or Alevel?

I joined Oakham in 3rd form and am a day pupil doing A level

Why did you choose to study Politics?

I chose to study politics because I enjoyed Humanities subjects at GCSE and thought that I would enjoy the debating side of politics

What do you enjoy about the course?

My favourite topic in the course is general elections and voting behaviour. I also like studying global politics and the ideologies alongside British politics to provide a broad range of knowledge about politics and society. I also like the 30 mark questions and how you argue your point of view.

What advice would you give future students thinking about studying Politics?

I would advise them to work hard in 6th form and do all prep even if you can get away with not doing it. Take every opportunity of extra curricular activities like MUN. Watch documentaries because they are a good way of gaining extra knowledge or reinforcing what you have learnt in a more relaxed way, also read some books.

Do the lessons give you an opportunity to think about your own views and the wider world?

Yes they do, as does the essay structure as your opinion is right so long as you argue it effectively and have examples to back it up

Some say that studying a new subject is not needed – What do you think?

I think studying a new subject is needed as it gives you a wider understanding of the society we live in and makes someone a more well rounded individual who can make more educated decisions.

What other courses are you studying alongside Politics? Do you see crossovers topics with these subjects and Politics?

I do English and there is some cross over in the subject, particularly when it comes to coursework- I chose to compare 1984 with the great Gatsby so there is as much crossover as you make of it, the context for other aspects of the English course is also related to politics. I do geography too and the cross over between global politics and human geography in the second year is huge- all about globalisation so the 2 subjects work to enhance my understanding of the globalisation topic.

Do you think studying Politics will help shape or impact on your future University / Career ideas?

Yes as I am studying politics at university due to my love of the subject at a level- it will help me as I already have a strong base of knowledge in the subject. As I am studying politics at university it will have an impact on my career ideas.

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