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9th March 2021

Interview with Politics student Annie

When did you join Oakham?

I joined Oakham at the start of this year (2020) as a day student taking the IB.

Why did you choose to study Politics?

I chose to study Politics because I find it really interesting learning about global issues around the world, and I felt like politics would give me a better understanding of events internationally and would allow me to discuss current issues with others.

What do you enjoy about the course?

I love the discussions and debates, as it’s very interesting to hear different perspectives on the topics and allows you to fully form your own opinion on the subject, through a practical and engaging way, as opposed to the course simply being textbook/writing based.

What advice would you give future students thinking about studying Politics?

My advice would be that if you like to debate and challenge other people’s views, whilst learning more about the world, and what is going on outside of the UK, Politics is a perfect subject for you.

Do the lessons give you an opportunity to think about your own views and the wider world?

Yes definitely, since studying Politics, I have been able to challenge my own views on issues, and develop a far more balanced and educated opinion on issues I previously knew nothing about.

Some say that studying a new subject is not needed – What do you think?

I think that a new subject is a really good way to make your studies more interesting because everything you are studying is completely new. I think it allows you to expand your awareness of everyday issues, and if you need a break from some of the subjects you have been studying for years, taking a new subject is a really good way to do this.

What other courses are you studying alongside Politics? Do you see crossovers topics with these subjects and Politics?

I am studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths, English and Spanish alongside Politics, and I would definitely say there are huge crossovers between all the subjects, even the more science-based subjects. There are so many issues around the globe involving all of these subjects and through studying Politics I have a much better knowledge and understanding that has helped me in all of my studies.

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