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4th March 2020

Interview with Art student Hattie

Form 7 pupil Hattie talks to us about her interest in Art.

Describe your art?

I like to take simple concepts but twist them to make an observer feel uncomfortable and question the meaning behind my work. I find that my work often steers more towards the darker aspects of society often presenting warped versions of simple things. For example, at the moment I have taken something quite innocent the doll and looking at manipulating traditional associations of a child’s toy by focusing on the limbs of the doll representing the maltreatment of doll in society. 

When did you first become interested in art?

 My parents were always encouraging family visits to art galleries when I was quite little, so I obtained an appreciation for art from a young age. My interest in art became more prominent when my primary school built a new art and design department which allowed us to practice more methods of creating art such as working with clay and textiles.

What is your favourite tool or material to work with?

Acrylic paint has always been a favourite material of mine to use as I find enjoyment in spending time painting on canvases, taking care to make sure the paint looks like it flows into each other. However, recently I have found the use of plaster very intriguing as ‘3D forms’ brings dimension to my canvases that adds another element to my paintings. In the future, I would like to explore other ways of presenting my artwork not just on paper or canvases but on sculptures and 3D elements.

Where do you go to find creative inspiration?

I find a lot of presentation ideas from Pinterest as it has a wide range of art that influences how I present artwork in my sketchbook. Predominantly, I get creative inspiration from looking into the different aspects of my pieces and developing them which creates paths allowing me to continue to expand my methods of presenting my artwork. I support this work by researching artists which helps me discover new styles that I can incorporate into my exhibition. 

What is the first arty thing you can remember making?

I remember making little illustrated storybooks for my dad. I would give him the books for his birthday, and they would contain illustrations of all the adventures around the world that I pictured him doing.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about studying Art at Pre U level?

Be prepared to stretch yourself and ensure that you don’t always stay comfortable with your work. Even if you’re not entirely satisfied with your work to explain why and delve further into why it makes you feel that way. Time and determination towards your project is what ultimately helps you most of all. Without exploring where your art can go, instead of staying in your comfort zone, you will find your skills won’t progress as much. 

What are you going to study next year?

Next year I hope to study liberal art combining art history with ancient history. 

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