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3rd November 2020

Interhouse Debating continues apace

Inter-house debating has continued apace despite the additional challenges of COVID-19, which has itself provided valuable material to debate.

Mr Robert Evans, Teacher of History and Debating Coordinator, tells us more:

“To avoid mixing year group bubbles, the senior inter-house debating competition has been restricted to just Form 6, rather than Forms 5 and 6. It has been lovely to see a variety of Form 6 students, some of them just weeks into their time at Oakham, throwing themselves into debating. Coming new to the role as the school’s debating coordinator, I have been impressed with the standard of debating we have seen so far.

In summary, the first round saw lively debates on the following topics:

“This House believes that virtual learning environments should replace traditional classrooms”;

“This House believes that the UK should have copied Swedish policies in response to Covid-19”; and

“This House believes that social media sites should filter out ‘fake news’.

This Thursday sees the hotly contested semi-finals between Hambleton and Gunthorpe and Rushebrookes and Chapmans debating the following topics:

“This House belies that capital punishment is never justified”; and

“This House believes that British citizens should have the right to bear firearms”.

Who will make it to the final?! “

Next term will also see a full programme of debates as the junior inter-house debating competition will be set in motion!

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