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9th December 2020

Inspirational Push Up Challenge

Mr Trefon Vandoros, Assistant Director of Sport (Boys) and Director of Athletics, recently joined forces with The John Fisher School in Purley, where he previously taught for 10 years, to support the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Together they took on the mighty challenge of 1000 push ups a day during the month of November to reflect the realistic struggle of children fighting cancer and raised £4000!

The last week of the challenge saw a huge surge of support from Oakham pupils and staff to help Tref meet the targets set, with Houses and most sport teams doing 100 push ups a day. On the last day, Tref also set himself an ambitious target of 10,000 push ups, taking his total number to 48,500, well beyond his goal. Pupils around the School joined him throughout the day to push their pain thresholds in support.

Tref said, “Thank you to everyone who has supported the event. These great achievements and displays of determination bring purpose during this difficult time, raising awareness, uniting schools in a common cause and supporting parents who have children with cancer. It was incredible seeing everyone pull together for such a deserving charity.”

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