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1st December 2021

Impressive Maths Success

Congratulations to the 23 candidates who achieved awards in this year’s UKMT Senior Maths Challenge (SMC), including an impressive collection of eight Gold awards, two of which went to Form 4 pupils competing two years above their age group.

One of those eight pupils, Zsolti (F7) won the ‘Best in School’ award and has qualified for the British Mathematical Olympiad (scoring 116 out of a possible 125), a fantastic achievement. The other seven, Terry (F7), Ana (F7), Obi (F6), Markus (F6) Felix (F6) Carson (F4) and Steven (F4) have qualified for the follow-on round, the Senior Maths Kangaroo (scoring 85+). 

Mr David Russell, Deputy Head of Maths, said, “Our mathematicians have achieved some outstanding results. This is the premier individual maths competition there is, with the best mathematicians from all schools across the UK and internationally taking part. We are delighted to have both A Level and IB Diploma students achieving this level of success and they should be very proud of their efforts. The next rounds of the competition will be held on 2 December and we wish them all the best.”

Oakham’s Mathematics department encourages pupils to participate in various Mathematics competitions, where they can apply their knowledge to problems and build confidence. Their consistent outstanding results are a reflection of the strong academic programme on offer as part of the curriculum.

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