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15th December 2020

House Spirit Thrives in Bubbles

Pupils have enjoyed reuniting with their friends within their House bubbles this term, taking part safely in a vast array of House activities and interhouse competitions.

Pupils in the 10 Middle School Houses took part in a virtual version of the Macfadyen Shield, our annual interhouse drama competition. The pupils were tasked with filming and performing monologues to be streamed out to all the Houses, and responded with great creativity and imagination with overall winners Chapmans beating an extremely strong field.

Form 6 pupils from all 10 Middle School Houses also competed in the Senior Interhouse Debating Competition with Hambleton declared winners after successfully debating against the motion “This house believes that we should build on the green belt”. They later lost out to Round House in the Debating Champions Final, debating the motion “This house believes that unhealthy lifestyles are not the business of government”.


The annual interhouse steeplechase competitions took part in year group and House bubbles, which saw some impressive individual performances and personal bests achieved by all runners and fantastic teamwork and House Spirit shown by each House as they cheered each other on. Sargants and Lincoln were the winners of the Lower School Steeplechase, whilst Wharflands were declared the overall winners of the boys junior, intermediate and senior versions of the competition. In the girls’ competition – the annual Festive Fun Run – Stevens were the winners in the Form 3 and Form 5 races, Buchanans won the Form 4 race and Gunthorpe won the Form 6 race.

The interhouse rugby sevens was closely contested with Wharflands winning the U14, U16 and U17 Cups and Clipsham the U15 Cup and the Middle School girls Houses competed fiercely in the interhouse hockey with Hambleton winning the Form 4 and Form 6 matches and Buchanans emerging as Form 5 winners. In the final week of term the Lower School Houses managed to compete successfully in the interhouse rugby and hockey; Lincoln won the Form 1 and Lower 1 matches, whilst Ancaster won the Form 2 match. In the rugby PH won the Form 1 match, whilst Sargants won the L1 and Form 2 matches.

The Houses all enjoyed Non-Uniform Funday Fridays in the second half of term – which saw pupils dress up variously in odd socks, House colours, and Christmas jumpers. Houses were also at the centre of the traditional Christmas end of term festivities – with a series of outdoor Hog Roasts for different House and year group bubbles, complete with party games and a travelling nativity.

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