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17th February 2021

Guest Speaker gives a talk to our Form 6 Critical and Contextual Studies group.

The Form 6 Critical and Contextual Studies group were lucky to have a wonderful guest speaker on Teams to talk to them about working within arts organisations.  Andrea Iouannou is currently Senior Philanthropy Manager at the Southbank Centre in London, but has also had posts at the Tate, the University of the Arts London, Sotherby’s the auctioneers and the Gugenheim in Venice.  

Mrs Elinor Brass, Director of Art and Design said, “Andrea talked through her studies and career and gave a fascinating insight into the way that galleries are funded, working with donors and the art market.  Pupils were introduced to the different ways in which galleries generate revenue, the costs of running major gallery spaces and the impact of covid on gallery programming.”

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