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28th March 2021

Great to be Back

Form 6 pupil, Olivia, reflects on what it’s like to return to the School campus after weeks of lockdown for day pupils and boarders.

‘After a very long-awaited return, it has been beyond exciting to see everyone back at School and to see the School spirit and energy be restored. Although distance learning has been a great opportunity for new learning experiences, it doesn’t quite compare to the feeling of being in the classroom with friends and teachers.

However, as we are all still facing restrictions to keep us safe, there is a limit as to what we have been allowed to do this term, and although these restrictions are for everyone, School must feel especially different for the boarders who are used to weekend activities and socials.

As a day pupil, the main difference is having to wear masks all the time, which hasn’t taken too long to get used to. The social events are definitely missed, but as the weather starts to get better, there are many more opportunities for outside events, like the Easter Egg hunt we were able to have in Gunthorpe, which has been a highlight of this term.

I wanted to understand what the return had been like for boarders as well, so I spoke to fellow Sixth Former, Lizzy, about what it is like to be back at School and how she spends her evenings and weekends. Lizzy said: “It’s really exciting to be able to see everyone and to feel a part of the Stevens family again. I am using the time to stay ahead on my work as that is always a priority for me, but I have really enjoyed being able to have some time to myself to go for walks and relax.”

Lizzy, like me, is particularly looking forward to more House activities taking place next term once restrictions are lifted: “I miss the events like full House breakfast and the dance parties we would have and particularly being able to do that with the other years again.”

It was great to speak to Lizzy and compare our experiences on returning to School. It has definitely been great to be back and it only leaves us all with the anticipation of what is to come next term.’

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