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28th September 2022

Geographers treated to famous landforms on their trip to Yorkshire

Form 7 geographers were treated to textbook famous geography landforms and case studies on their recent two-day trip to Yorkshire.

They experienced first-hand the interaction between geology, lithology, climate and marine processes, and effectively applied their classroom learning to interpreting the stunning landscape. Consolidating high level evaluative skills through discussion and written activities, they truly maximised this learning opportunity. Their geographical adventures continued when they saw in person the complexity of managing the most dynamic coast in Europe, visiting different coastal settlements to see a range of coastal defences.

Day two saw the group walking the River Ouse path through York, evaluating the ways in which York is attempting so reduce the damage created by almost annual flooding.

Teacher of Geography, Alexis Dachtler said, “The pupils were in good spirits during the field trip and confidently applied their classroom learning. Their visit was a timely reminder of the importance of field work and the pressing issues within the geographical world.”

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