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14th April 2020

Fun Challenges set by Lower School Houses over Easter!

Lower School pupils have been set some fun challenges by their Houses over Easter to help keep them occupied and healthy whilst remaining at home.

The key activities set by Lincoln House include creating a Happy Jar, making a PowerPoint presentation entitled “My incredible Life”, filming a “Lincoln Impossible…family video” (based on “Mission Impossible”) and taking a Lincoln family funny photo.

In Sargants the boys have been doing maths puzzles, skipping workouts, taking part in a House fitness challenge and baking a House cake.

There is currently the Big Ben Challenge taking place in Peterborough House. Big Ben has 399 steps to the top and the pupils are seeing how many times they can climb the equivalent in an hour’s exercise, by climbing stairs or a nearby hill etc. They have also been enjoying cooking and baking in a House bake off.

Ancaster girls have been creating arts and crafts, baking cakes and contributing to a distance challenge by walking, running, cycling and riding and their current total as of end of 12 April is 69.16km.

Mrs Petit, Housemistress of Ancaster, said “It’s great to be keeping in touch with the girls over the holiday and seeing them so busy and active.  There are some real show-stopper bakes appearing and their creativity is quite impressive.”


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