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10th November 2021

Form 7 Religion and Philosophy pupils visit London Central Mosque and British Museum

Form 7 Religion & Philosophy pupils visited London Central Mosque and the British Museum this week as part of their A-level studies in Islamic theology and philosophy.

After a tour of the mosque the group sat in on morning prayers – a rare privilege – and learnt about the value of communal and private prayer, as well as the worship practices of different Islamic groups. They were able to apply their understanding of Islamic beliefs such as tawhid and prophecy to everyday practices and discuss life as a British Muslim with members of the local ummah.

In the afternoon, students headed to the Islamic gallery in the British Museum to examine artefacts related to both the history of Islam and contemporary Muslim practices.

Seventh former Lola said,  ‘I really enjoyed learning about coffee culture in Sufi Islam in the British Museum. Sufis have traditionally used coffee to keep them awake for longer and encourage mystical experiences, which is central to Sufi practice’.

Seventh former Daniel added, ‘The mosque was very peaceful and it was great to witness morning prayers first-hand. I felt that it gave me a deeper understanding of Islam and the daily life of British Muslims’.

Religion & Philosophy is offered at GCSE and A Level at Oakham, with the A Level course being focussed on philosophy of religion, ethics, and developments in Islamic thought.

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