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19th November 2021

Form 7 Chemists attend Chemistry in Action Lecture Day

Last week Form 7 Chemists travelled to Warwick University to attend a Chemistry in Action Lecture Day.

Seventh Former Tom tells us more:-

“We all found it very interesting to learn how science and specifically chemistry can be applied to many different areas of life. They also showed us that chemistry is very interdisciplinary and laps across the other two main sciences and even other non-science related subjects. Moreover, they showed us how chemistry has affected the pandemic and how it has helped with the diagnosis and vaccination against COVID using many of the principles we have learnt about in class. We also covered chemistry from a nanoscale, all the way up to explosions and climate change. This enlightened us to the fact chemistry can take many shapes and sizes and surrounds us in daily life. We are now looking forward to learning more about some of the principles mentioned that we haven’t touched on yet, and also possible future careers in the fields of science that were covered throughout the day.”

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