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Form 6 pupils celebrate l’Épiphanie.

20th January 2023

This week Form 6 pupils studying French have been celebrating and learning about the traditional French celebration ‘l’Épiphanie’ or ‘La Fête des Rois’.

l’Épiphanie is a big event in France, celebrated on 6 January when the Kings brought gifts to baby Jesus.  As part of the celebrations, families typically share ‘Les Galettes de Rois,’ which is a puff pastry cake filled with frangipane. A small charm is hidden inside the Galette, called the ‘fêve’ (bean or tiny character) and the person who finds it becomes ‘Le Roi ou La Reine’ (the king or the queen) for the day, and others have to do as they say.

Head of French, Jen Hollering, said, “Thank you to our wonderful French assistants who baked the fresh Galettes for the pupils to enjoy.”

Oakham’s French Department offers many opportunities to explore the country’s traditions. The Department comprises specialist teachers and language assistants whose aim is to foster a love of French language and culture.

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