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13th June 2023

Form 6 Pupils Biology and ESS Field Trip

Form 6 Biology and ESS students have participated in a highly successful field trip to Dale Fort on the spectacular Pembrokeshire coastline, putting into practice knowledge and skills they have been learning in the classroom.

An essential part of their Upper School studies, over five days the students developed their sampling techniques, gathering data and analysing the results in this site of special scientific interest. The students completed their IA investigations, which is worth 20% of the Biology course and 25% of the ESS course.

Head of Biology, Dr Trish Ingles, said: “Dale Fort is an inspiring place to go for field work as it is within walking distance of several habitats, including salt marsh, three different exposures of rocky shore, two different woods, and meadows with different degrees of management.

“In addition, each location has a significant conservation status which means the student projects are part of a bigger picture of active monitoring of habitat health. For example the Gann Salt marsh is a SSSI (Sites of Special Scientific Interest are those areas of land and water that we consider best represent our natural heritage) and the whole Milford Haven (part of the bay where Dale Fort is situated) is included in a European Marine Special Area of Conservation – the highest designation in Europe.

“The Pembrokeshire Marine SAC contains marine habitats and species of European importance that are required by law to be protected and maintained for the future. Even the lichens in this area come under SSSI designation.

“Dale Fort is also a research centre and the project one of our students completed is going to be carried on by Dale Fort, a great example of Connection and Contribution by Oakham School students!”

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