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11th February 2021

Form 6 CCS pupils enjoy talk by Andrew Gillespie, artist, curator and lecturer.

Form 6 Critical and Contextual Studies (CCS) pupils recently welcomed guest speaker Andrew Gillespie, artist, curator and lecturer, who also runs a project space called ‘Recent Activity’ in Birmingham. Andrew spoke about introducing the idea of the artist-run gallery space and how this works for the artist as well as the way it relates to the general public. 

The pupils are learning about the art museum as part of their A-level course. They are considering the different ways in which art is shown, how art museums are run and some of the challenges and tensions that exist within these institutions. 

Director of Art, Mrs Elinor Brass, said, “Andrew gave a very interesting talk, which was directly relevant to the pupils’ course. He also explained how his project space came about, his working relationship with other artists, the way he promotes the exhibitions that he hosts, as well as the funding of the space and the challenges presented by Covid.” 

The Art Department offers a rich and varied programme of visiting artists, which has continued during lockdown, albeit virtually. Upcoming speakers include Andrea Iouannou, Senior Philanthropy Manager at the Southbank Centre in London and Anne Marie James, an artist represented by Karsten Schubert, a commercial gallery in London.

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