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5th February 2021

Form 6 CAS Project – Fundraising for Nepalese School

Form 6 pupils met virtually for the first time to discuss fundraising for a Nepalese School in Pokara as part of their IB Diploma Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) Project.

The IB (CAS) Project is an activity offered to Upper School pupils and is an integral part of the International Diploma. 

This year the pupils aim to support the school in Nepal by raising funds to pay for two teachers’ salaries for one whole academic year and will be working on this project for the next 18 months. 

The project members have been setting out their future activities and events including bake sales and sponsored runs to help raise money for their cause. All the money they raise will be sent to the Nepalese School when the Project ends next year.

Mrs Jennifer Hollering, supervisor of this activity, said, “Even though we are in lockdown and unable to meet together in a classroom, this has not stopped the new Form 6 fundraising group to meet on TEAMS this term.” Jennifer continues, “Their first meeting was a success with members ready to commit themselves to find ways to drum up funds.”

Form 6 pupil Emilia said, “We’ve given ourselves a realistic goal to raise at least £1,000 for the High School in Pokara, Nepal. We are keen to make a difference in their lives.’’

The IB Diploma CAS Project provides challenges to show initiative, problem solve, demonstrate perseverance, and develop skills in cooperation and teamwork. It also encourages the pupils to become open-minded and self-aware, through their engagement in globally significant issues.

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