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23rd June 2023

Decem Boys Attend ‘Be Good at Being Me’ Event

Be Good at Being Me

Form 6 boys from next year’s Decem attended an inspirational event for young men at Loughborough Grammar School, entitled Be Good at Being Me.

The course was designed to promote positive masculinity and to equip the boys with the skills necessary for exploring the adult world.

A series of workshops on various topics such as Making Mistakes and The Pivot Point between Boyhood and Manhood were bookended by keynote speeches designed to make the students think about their role in the adult world and what they want their path to look like.

The sessions were given by people from all walks of life, ranging from professional athletes to drugs campaigners and military medics.

Form 6 pupil Will, who attended the event, explained: “Combining with other schools enabled the boys to get a range of insights and perspectives into the topics that they covered, and fast friendships were made.

“Come the end of the day, the boys were able to walk away feeling like they had learnt something about themselves and about how they will forge their path in the world that they are now entering.”

David, Head of School 2023-2024, added: “I thoroughly enjoyed the day as I learnt so many interesting trinkets about how to be good at being me! I also really enjoyed meeting all the other heads of school as I was able to exchange ideas and our ethos. It was nice to be around like-minded people.”

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