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23rd June 2022

Form 6 Art and CCS trip to Tate Britain and Tate Modern 21st June

Form 6 Art and CCS students recently studied art on display in Tate Britain and Tate Modern.

Director of Art, Elinor Brass, tells us more:-

“We were so thrilled to be able to take the Form 6 Art and CCS students on a trip to a gallery at the end of a busy year.  We have missed the opportunity to visit galleries and seeing artworks up close always presents students with so much inspiration. 

The trip began at the Tate Britain and we had the pleasure of seeing Hew Locke’s incredible ‘Procession’ piece, which captured the students’ imagination.  It is a vast piece, spanning the main hallway in the centre of Tate Britain and it is rich with history and story-telling.  The artwork seeks to get visitors to walk alongside figures who are travelling through space and time and to reflect on the messages that are offered. 

Some students visited the superb Cornelia Parker show and there was time to take photos and make drawings of artworks that gave them ideas to pursue in their own work. 

After taking the Tate to Tate boat down the Thames, there was time to explore the Tate Modern.  Such a vastly different gallery space, there was an even more diverse range of art on show, from film and performance in the Tanks, to the incredible sculptural pieces of Phyllida Barlow.”

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