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17th November 2020

Form 5 Pupils interview Alicia Kearns, MP

Alicia Kearns, MP for Rutland and Melton was interviewed virtually by Form 5 pupils as part of their Citizenship GCSE coursework.

The aim of the pupils’ project is to deliver awareness that could help a particular community or wider society. Their brief also requires them to describe and explain their own viewpoint of an issue, and those of other people, using the evidence they have gathered.

The pupils asked Ms Kearns, who sits on the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee, for her views on global human rights’ abuses currently taking place against the Uighurs in China and the SARS police brutality protests in Nigeria.

Teacher of Citizenship, James Farrar said, “Alicia was a fascinating parliamentarian to interview – particularly with her being a Foreign Affairs Select Committee member and with human rights in China listed as one of her main campaigns during this parliament. Alicia was adept at handling the pupils’ questions and gave them many pieces of legal information about why it is so difficult to hold sovereign governments abroad to account.” James continues, “The pupils hope to provide all-round perspectives on these issues by giving presentations amongst fellow Oakhamians – particularly amongst international students who might have a personal and political interest in current events.” James concludes “A huge thank you to Alicia who was very generous with her time. Our pupils were very fortunate to discuss the topics directly with someone so informed and knowledgeable.”

Oakham offers pupils the opportunity to study Citizenship through to GCSE via its varied and exciting programmes of study. Politics, Economics and Business A-level and International Baccalaureate courses at the School are ideal extensions of the subject post-16.


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