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6th February 2020

Form 5 artists visit Tate Modern

Form 5 artists visited the Tate Modern recently to gather ideas for their Externally Set Assignment. 

Director of Art and Design Mrs Elinor Brass tells us more:-

“The pupils were set the task to find artworks that they could draw, analyse through writing and photograph, looking for approaches and ideas they could bring into their project work leading up to the exam.  The trip was such a great opportunity to feed the soul, finding all sorts of artworks; beautiful, bizarre, amusing and confusing.  The day was punctuated by a visit to see the new Nam June Paik exhibition, which was pretty mind-blowing;  it was packed with the visionary artist’s explorations of art using film, sound and light.”

Oakham Art offers a rich and varied programme beyond the classroom, which includes visiting artists, artists’ workshops, museums and galleries.

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