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25th July 2023

Form 4 Pupils Treated to Original Spanish Performance

Pupils watching a Spanish theatre show

Oakham School’s Form 4 Spanish pupils, joined by Uppingham Community College’s Year 9, were treated to an engaging performance of Mi Personalidad (My Personality) performed by the Onatti Theatre Group.

Onatti Theatre Group specialise in boosting pupils’ excitement toward languages through their carefully scripted plays.

Onatti’s actors are trained in performing with clear, slow deliveries ensuring students are able to follow the play.

The captivating 50-minute performance, led by Ariana and Javier, provided entertainment and education supplemented by continuous, eager pupil participation.

Oakham School’s Head of Spanish Mr Cameron Pauls explained: “The occasion was a great opportunity for our two schools to link up and for all pupils to enjoy a unique experience providing strong academic enrichment.”

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