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19th April 2022

Form 4 Citizenship pupils visit Galleries of Justice Museum

Form 4 GCSE Citizenship Students spent a useful day putting their learning into practice at the Nottingham Galleries of Justice Museum. 

A workshop and walking tour of the facility looking at punishment over time helped students really think about the purpose and effectiveness of a variety of ways of punishing people that have been used over time. 

Links between the Victorian prison and the treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo bay could not be ignored. The afternoon was spent running a Crown Court Case with students playing all the roles. 

Miss Viv Lamb, Head of Citizenship at Oakham School, said: “Unlike the Magistrates Court we did a few weeks ago this wasn’t fully scripted. Students were given basic information about their character and then had to use that to role play.” 

“The students did really well but particular mention must go to those playing the defence and prosecution teams who did a fantastic job thinking on their feet to try and make their case. Even the museum staff were impressed by their quick thinking.” 

The jury found the defendant innocent because they didn’t feel the case was proved beyond reasonable doubt.

Find out more about Citizenship at Oakham School. 

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