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7th November 2022

Form 3 pupils enter GCHQ National Language Competition

Form 3 pupils studying German have entered the online GCHQ National Language Competition 2022, which runs from 7-11 November. Working in teams of up to four, they have been completing a number of challenges cracking codes and puzzle-solving.

A key part of the competition is that it requires no previous language skills, the aim being to inspire learning by encouraging students to discover their aptitude for learning languages. Many challenges involve rarer languages or made-up languages, so pupils can get involved even if they have never studied a foreign language before.

Head of German, Mrs Phillipa Sykes and Teacher of German, Miss Elizabeth Edwards, said, “We were impressed by the pupils who worked together to decipher the code and whilst it has been challenging, they showed great perseverance.”

The pupils have been competing against others nationwide, and the team with the most points at the end of the competition will be invited to GCHQ’s Headquarters in Cheltenham and presented with a trophy by GCHQ Director Sir Jeremy Fleming.

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