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19th October 2021

Form 3 Design trip to Morgan Motor Company and Eliminator Boat Duel

The Form 3 Creative Arts Project Day saw 70 pupils take a trip to see the production of Morgan’s cars at their factory in Malvern and take part in the ‘Eliminator Boat Duel’.

Teacher of Design and Technology Christopher Edwards tells us more:-

Morgan cars have been produced since 1909 and at their current site since 1914, using traditional coach building techniques.

Pupils visited the legacy collection of old models before starting the production facilities. This aspect of the day helped pupils understand the heritage of the brand and its continued popularity.

We would then usually look at the production of the three-wheeler, however, this area of the factory is off-limits due to the development of an all-new three-wheeler for 2022. Here are the last two of the old model in final inspection waiting for collection.

So we started with the rolling chassis workshop of the Plus Four, and the Plus Six. Two years ago Morgan had to modernise their top of the range car to an all-aluminium chassis to fit the New BMW’s turbo straight line six instead of the old V8. This year they have adapted the chassis for the plus four as well, which saves weight over the old steel chassis giving better performance.

Then we went into the body shop where ash wood from Lincolnshire is handcrafted into the frame for the body. In the past, the production line was linear with the frames built on each individual rolling chassis after it was completed. However, to speed up production they now run each shop in parallel by completing the frames in advance using static chassis as jigs. They also complete the frames without the engine and on trestles, allowing for easier access and a less stressful working position.

The frames are then transferred to the panel shop where aluminium is added. They then complete the body using the same technique as the body shop, allowing easier access by using incomplete cars chassis as jigs. The panels and frame are then removed and paired with its complete rolling chassis with engine and running gear when it is ready. 

Then the paint shop, which we could see into but not go into as it would require breathing apparatus.

Then the trim shop where the seats, hoods are created from leather hides.

In the final inspection workshop, we saw the limited edition of the CX-T off-roader which in partnership with Rally Raid UK modified eight Plus 4’s for £170,000 which were all sold within twenty-four hours.

Before finishing with the museum.

The second part of the project was on Wednesday morning in the Jerwood School of Design. The pupils were split into five groups and set the challenge of designing and making a boat for an Eliminator Duel. 

Using only a limited set of materials, pupils developed their ideas and models to improve performance and stability.

The group winners won a box of sweets

Then the top two from each group competed in an overall winner eliminator.

With Seb J winning a ten-pound Amazon voucher.

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